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     YES!   Why NOT? 

According to the Intuit Future of Small Business Report 2007, an average 55-year-old worker  today will live into his/her 80's or longer, and will be healthier and more able and willing to work in their 60's and 70's than those of prior generations.

What makes you especially well-equipped to take on this new challenge NOW?

  • You have experience with people and systems

  • You have wisdom for decision-making

  • You have more personal flexibility in your life

  • You have the patience to implement strategies and monitor results

  • You have financial resources to bring to a business

What are the Main Reasons WHY Mature People Choose to Buy a Business?

    1.  "No more Corporate Life; I want to be my own boss."

     2.  "Tired of making other people wealthy.  I want my hard work to improve my own financial  situation."

     3.   " I have a lifetime of skills and experience to use to really grow a business."

     4.   "I want the FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY of ownership."

     5.    "I have not done this yet, and I always wanted to try it."

     6.   "I will not be downsized again, will not spend my life on the road  or in the air, and will not wait for someone else to change my life."

What are the Main Risks in Buying a Business in Mid-Life or Later?

     1.  Not enough money for working capital creates a problem VS a success in the early years of a business.  

     2.  Taking on too much debt-- too much risk.

     3.   Choosing a business with a poor fit to one's skills and experience.

     4.   Naivete about the realities of small business--- glamorizing or  underestimating the work demands.

     5.    Failing to PLAN for a transition, an exit plan, or succession.

     6.   Not calling in a professional soon enough to maximize the benefits and minimize the taxes on an eventual business sale.

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Did You KNOW? 

  •  A study by Merrill Lynch and Harris Interactive found that 45% of Americans approaching retirement never plan to stop working completely.
  • According to Merrill Lynch and Harris Interactive, only 37% of the boomer generation indicated that earning money was an important reason to keep working. 67% thought challenge and mental stimulation would motivate them to continue to work. The same study found of boomers who plan to continue work, nearly two-thirds want to purse a different line of work.
  • There are pension programs available for small business owners?


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Forbes: Atlanta ranks No. 1 among America's 'recession proof' retirement markets

Atlanta Business Chronicle

Monday, October 19, 2009, 2:28pm EDT

Metro Atlanta ranks No. 1 on a new list by Forbes of America's top 40 "recession proof" retirement cities.

Forbes said it considered such factors as average income for seniors, current and expected home prices, job-growth predictions through 2014, the cost of living and median monthly housing cost.

Atlanta ranked 17th for number of sunny days, 17th for income of residents 65 and older, seventh for median home price, 17th for home price change predicted for 2009- 2014, 11th for cost of living and 23rd for median housing cost.

Click here for the Forbes report on recession-proof retirement cities.

And click here for the ranking of 40 cities.

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"Wherever you see a successful business,

someone once made a courageous decision. "

     -Peter Drucker

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