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Michael Ferrell, Broker

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Kathryne Anne Pusch, Consultant (formerly Broker)


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 Additional staff and professional partner resources to assure a smooth and profitable transition  for any buyer or seller include:

Closing Attorneys

Tax Attorneys

Buyer or Seller Legal Representation

Financial Advisors

Small Business Accountants

Due Diligence Accountants

ESOP Specialists

1031 Exchange Intermediaries

ERSOP/401K Funds for Acquisition Experts

Private Equity Groups

Environmental Inspectors

Business Valuation Experts

Estate Planners

Meet Successful Clients

Marketing Research Specialists

Industry Specific Specialists

Real Estate Appraisers

Equipment Appraisers

Lease Negotiation Experts

Commercial Real Estate Lenders

SBA Lenders

Asset-Based Lenders

Accounts Receivable Lenders

Investment Bankers

Venture Capitalists

Tax Deferral Specialists

Workout Specialists

Business Note Purchasers


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