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What are the Main Reasons People Buy a Business?

    1.  "No more Corporate Life;  I want to be my own boss"

     2.  "Tired of making other people wealthy.  I want my hard work to improve my own financial  situation."

     3.  " I have a lifetime of skills and experience to use to really grow a business."

     4.  "I want the FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY of ownership."

     5.  "I have not done this yet, and I always wanted to try it."

Immigrants, both legal and illegal, continue to be attracted to the United States and its opportunities. According to the U.S. Census, in 1990, the number of immigrants was estimated at 28 million. Fourteen years later that number increased to 32 million.  The largest percentage  of  the 32 million immigrants to date are Hispanic, followed by Asians. In a report published by the CEA, or Council of Economic Advisers, immigrants were found to positively contribute to the U.S. economy.

To make wise decisions, you will need to Know Yourself, Know Your Industry, and Know Your Business.

What are the Some Options for foreign investors to own businesses in America?

ConsultKAP has become Atlanta's most trusted business broker and  transition expert because of our exceptional level of expertise,  ethics,  experience, resources, connections and strategic partners.   


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What are the Main Risks in Buying a Business?

     1.  Not enough money for working capital creates a problem VS a success in the early years of business.  

     2.  Taking on too much debt-- too much risk.

     3.   Choosing a business with a poor fit to one's skills and experience.

     4.   Naivete about the realities of small business-glamorizing or underestimating the work demands.

     5.    Failing to PLAN for transition, exit plan, or succession.

     6.   Bad Timing-- Buy when there's room for improvement. Plan to sell when the business is doing very well, and there is still room for growth.  

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