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Are You Ready to Sell? You Know it's Time.

 We Know the Way. 

Your business is probably your largest asset and a substantial part of your net worth. . .  possibly the repository of a lot of blood, sweat & tears.  

Whom can you TRUST? 

Our goal is always to act in our CLIENT's  best interest

Anyone can take money from you to advertise a business for sale at "ANY price,"  whether it will sell for that or not.   

When representing a Seller, our responsibility is to prepare, present, and ultimately SELL the business for the highest price the market will bear, while obtaining the best possible net profit  result. . . it's what you KEEP that counts.

We will be honest with you, even when the truth is not the popular answer. If you are committed to selling, we will dedicate ourselves to helping  you achieve your objectives.

ConsultKAP has become Atlanta's most trusted business broker and  transition expert because of our exceptional level of expertise,  ethics,  experience, resources, connections and strategic partners. 

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Most business owners find this to be a tough decision, and a process that is new and unfamiliar, maybe even a bit scary. 

You make big decisions every day that affect you and your company, so you know that your best decisions are made when you are well-informed. 

The sale of a business is a complex process, but this is our area of expertise.  Each business is unique, so each will have its own strategic plan.  Our expertise in valuation, analysis, marketing to the right buyers, negotiations, and creative deal structuring will keep the transaction stages on track as we maintain the requisite high levels of confidentiality, and execute the details of the plan. 

Common Steps Included in Most Plans:

  • Fully analyze your business

  • Determine your specific needs

  • Identify key marketing factors- strengths & limitations, opportunities for growth

  • Identify most likely categories of Buyers- local, national, international, financial, strategic, PEG

  • Develop your strategic marketing plan for the optimum sale outcome

  • Market confidentially with maximal positive exposure, using all appropriate resources

  • Screen, qualify and develop interest among Buyer prospects from all sources

  • Facilitate personal meetings and site visits with only qualified & motivated Buyers

  • Control information flow to protect your ongoing business interests

  • Negotiate the best price & terms possible amongst competing Buyers

  • Work with your tax and financial advisors on optimal tax-smart deal structures

  • Work with your legal advisors on formally committing agreements for your protection

  • Facilitate Due Diligence and other transitional tasks

  • Maintain productive liaison with all parties to the deal, including lenders, attorneys, and participating professionals

  • Ensure an expeditious and controlled closing process that does not disrupt your business.

 In today's complicated world, wise people look for specialists to handle critical needs. 


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