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King Solomon was a WISE man. He said, "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven."

Every business owner knows that "something" will eventually happen with his business.  We can be pro-active and plan the details of your business transfer so that it meets as many of your personal and business goals as possible.

You may sell, liquidate, merge, donate, will, go public or go bankrupt.  Puzzling?  Each option has different outcomes for you, your family, your lifestyle, and each impacts your personal & business tax consequences.

Whom can you TRUST? 

Our goal is always to act in our CLIENT's  best interest

ConsultKAP will ensure that You & Your Company are ready and able to exercise your favored options.  

Thinking of Selling?

The future is coming-- ready or not.

When should you think about getting OUT of your business?

  • Before you get INTO business?
  • Every time you update your business plan?
  • When you consider retiring?
  • When the business has outgrown your skills and/or resources?
  • When you realize you are burnt out?

    All of these are CORRECT. . . and each requires different strategies and actions to reach your transition GOALS.

    Your primary considerations now depend upon your timeline and personal and business goals.

    Some Personal considerations may be:

    Achieve Financial Security
    Estate Planning
    Buy-Sell Agreement
    Retirement Desires

    Some Business considerations may be:

    Maximize Value
    Enhance Strengths
    Build Cash Flow

    Develop Tax-Wise Strategies

    Deal with Shareholders and Partners

    Build Your Advisory Team

    To make wise decisions, you will need to Know Yourself, Know Your Industry, and Know Your Business.

ConsultKAP has become Atlanta's most trusted business broker and  transition expert because of our exceptional level of  expertise,  ethics,  experience, resources, connections and strategic partners.   

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